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Custom solutions

We offer integrated customized solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, polymer, automation, and other industrial applications. At QDevelopment, we experienced that the challenges our diverse customer base faces require unique solutions. Therefore, we use our expertise in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, polymer, and material sciences to develop innovative hybrid solutions by adapting ideas from various industrial fields.

One of our main interest is the design and development of innovative technologies and equipment suitable for continuous processing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical intermediates (granules, nanoparticles, powders, nanofibrous materials, ASDs, etc.) and/or end products (granules, pellets, tablets or capsules).

Our complete R&D capability is strengthened by the relevant disciplines represented in our team coupled with close collaborations with our manufacturing and assembling partners.


We provide comprehensive and high-quality mechanical engineering design services from the project creation from beginning to end. It includes the conceptualization, design, 3D modeling, industrial design, and early development.

QDevelopment grinder machine
Pharmaceutical powder feeder machine developed by QDevelopment Ltd.
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