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Analytical support

QDevelopment offers a wide range of analytical services to support the development of your product.

Phisicochemical characterization:

  • DSC, mDSC, TGA

  • XRPD


  • UV-Vis, FTIR, Raman microscopy, Process Raman + chemometric evaluation

Powder characterization:

  • Particle size analyzers

  • Polarized light microscopy

  • Dynamic powder rheology

  • Flowability testers

  • Tablet hardness tester

  • Friability tester

Other analytical services:

  • In vitro dissolution

  • Content uniformity

  • Melt viscosity

  • Solution viscosity

  • HPLC

  • Capillary electrophoresis (CE)

  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) solutions

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