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Particle Sizing

At-Line Particle Sizing

Our at-line image analysis device offers a reliable solution for assessing critical quality attributes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, situated between off-line and in-line analysis methods.

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, the device delivers rapid and accurate particle size, shape, and morphology measurements, facilitating improved process understanding and control.

Designed for versatility and compliance, the at-line system enables researchers and manufacturers to optimize their processes while maintaining stringent quality standards.

In-Line Particle Sizing

Introducing our cutting-edge in-line image analysis tool,  for real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical processes with precision and efficiency.

Harness the power of advanced AI-driven technology for image analysis & particle size measurement

Experience process insights with ease for streamlined development and production.


- GMP & ATEX Compliant

Real-time image acquisition & AI-based analysis

Logging of all measured values & video stream

Example Applications


Pelletisation & Coating


Powered by Yigsoft


Easy-to-use, GMP-compliant software for at-line and in-line use. 

The software accompanying our image analysis device is designed for seamless integration and enhanced usability. It features advanced AI algorithms for rapid, accurate measurements, user-friendly interfaces and reliable data logging.

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