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Electrospinning service packages

We provide expert solutions to challenging formulation projects.

We offer a comprehensive and wide range of services tailored to our partners’ development objectives. There is constant communication with our partners throughout the projects and the goal is to advance as quickly as possible to key decision points. For more information on the services provided, please do not hesitate to contact us!​

Female scientist using high-speed electrospinning

   ►   Rapid formulation feasibility study

In 2 weeks we evaluate the electrospinability of your API using as little as 200 mg API.

   ►   Formulation development

Optimization of the drug formulation for the best dissolution performance / protein stability / etc.​

   ►   Complete in vitro formulation characterization

Formulations are evaluated and characterized by state-of-the-art in vitro characterization tools simulating the in vivo situation as close as possible.

   ►   Preclinical study material production

Preparation of small batch formulations suitable for preclinical tests.

   ►   Process optimization and scale-up

Once a suitable formulation has been developed, we will work to get the process to the target scale.

   ►   Oral dosage form development

   ►   Buccal/sublingual/transdermal drug delivery system development

   ►   Intranasal/pulmonary drug delivery system development

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